Commercial & Industrial Solar

At BlueShift we are all about saving you our customer money, while saving the world from pollution. Our partnership with major finance institutions locally and internationally, allows us to offer you a solution that can immediately save you money through self production and usage of renewable,
clean and cheaper energy.

Our quality panels and inverters are all world proven Tier 1 products that have been tested and built for the African sun to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. We guarantee maximum returns on investment, because our equipment will withstand the test of time.

To make sure that the system performs and delivers as we promised, we offer a standard operations and maintenance service contract that guarantees the system performance.

How it works

Whether it’s a commercial enterprise, small business, warehouse or manufacturing facility, your business can now reap the benefits of solar energy.
We offer a hassle-free solution to help your business switch to solar, save money, reduce operational costs and help protect the environment with options of zero upfront cost.

Solution Benefits

Environmental Sustainability

Energy Reliability

Energy Cost Savings

No Annual Inflation

Long Term Financial Investment

Our Process

01. Pre-Feasibility Studies

  1. Electricity Statements
  2. Technical Brief Sheet
  3. Project Proposal

02. Feasibility Studies

  1. Technical Site Visit
    – Load Profile/Electricity consumption
    – Available area/space for construction
  2. Financial Assessment
    – Affordability
    – Credit assessment
  3. Final Project Report

03. Financial Close

  1. Financial Agreement
    – Rental, Financed, PPA or Cash
    – Draft Service contract

04. System Construction

  1. Engineering
  2. Procurement
  3. Construction

05. Solar Plant Operation

  1.  Solar Energy Usage
  2. Solar Plant Maintenance

Solar energy is now an excellent investment for commercial and industrial electricity users.

If your current electricity rates exceed the costs of solar electricity, then it’s surely time to consider the solar energy savings opportunity and let us help your business to be profitable by reducing electricity costs through our clean, reliable and affordable energy solutions

Example of savings on a BlueShift Solar Solution over 10 years.

Example of savings on a BlueShift Solar Solution over 10 years.

Actual Commercial Office Park System usage

One of our actual case studies


Leave your Details for a Free Energy Assessment. We measure your consumption and calculate your tariff. We will give you a FREE energy saving report complete with possible solutions.
Let us show you how much you can save if you become energy efficient

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